On school, shows and Andy Warhol

As usual, school’s started and I’ve gotten to busy making art, to post art.
Lots of photography (a new thing) altered books and a growing number
of painting/sculpture hybrids.

But, if you happen to be in the area, there’s a few shows you show probably
(by which I mean most definitely) check out.

-111th Annual Exhibition by Richmond and Area Artists
at the Richmond Art Museum in Richmond, Indiana. A few other BSU students/faculty
and I have work in the show, which opens this Thursday

-Findings; the 2009 Art in Italy Show in the Atrium Gallery
Runs from November 10th to the 24th, with a fantastical opening the 13th.
(work on the street is, there’s going to be Nutella. Get Excited.)
Drawings, paintings and some mixed media works by the 17 students and 2 professors
who went on BSU art dept’s 33 day field study in Italy.

And in other art related news, am going as Andy Warhol for Halloween.

2 thoughts on “On school, shows and Andy Warhol

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