Goodwill Project – Entry 1

11/16/09 – Goodwill Parking Lot – 10:06 am

First trip complete (and successfully I’d say). Bought your stereotypical imitation watercolor print of flowers in front of a window. Complete with faux mat. I couldn’t decide between that and a 4×6 photograph of fall foliage and as this is the momentous first trip, I decided to splurge and get both.

Also found (and am now listening to) two cassettes – Madonna (old school, good Madonna) and Earth Harmony (“The Mystic Beauty of the Natural World inspires wonder and reverence. In a soft soprano of rain, the Earth sings a lullaby…: All for the whopping total of 3.70.

Contemplated asking one of the employees about the average turn around time for donations, but felt like that tainted the “scientific process.”

Also invested in disposable camera with which to document it all (rip digital camera) 27 exposures seemed random until I realized 27 =9×3, or 3 to the third power.
-then if seemed like fate

(this is getting ridiculous)


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