In which I set forth a resolution to join the 21st century and get my life together.

Genny from Gordy’s Fine Art and Framing spoke to the Fine Arts League about being a professional working artist this evening, stressing the importance of blogging especially.

So this is me, resolving to update my resumé, photograph my work beyond sophomore year, and keep the blog updated, and start doing grown-up art things. Huzzah!

Started a new project today, to be known as the Goodwill project. The rough idea: buy a painting from Goodwill A, alter it, donate it to Goodwill B where I buy painting #2, alter that, donate to Goodwill C, where I buy painting #3, alter that and donate back to Goodwill A. Return to Goodwill B, try to find painting #1, repeat process three times, resulting in three paintings, photos, documentation and the worlds longest run-on sentence. Should be a good time.


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