Goodwill Project – Entry 2

Safely tucked into its new temporary residence.

Success!!! Went to Fort Wayne yesterday and not only got the second painting, but managed to sneak in the first without arousing suspicion.

Painting #2 is slightly smaller, features two teddy bears drawn in a faux cross-stitch style, and has a real mat (which I may or may not use).

Have also decided to stick with two Goodwills (here and F.W.) rather than the original three. 3 is a significant number, but the third location was completely arbitrary, especially compared to the other 2. In this case, location is more important to the concept then a number. Instead, I’ll get painting #3 from the Muncie Goodwill when I drop #2 off to continue the cycle.

Other success of the day – made it in and out of Goodwill without buying anything I don’t need. I swear they pump something through the vents to make everything seem absolutely vital to life.


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