The Goodwill Project – Entry 3

The vest in all it's glory. Check it before you wreck it.

Second painting dropped off, third and final painting picked up, and is it a doozie.

I finished #2 Saturday morning to drop off that evening. My roommate Beth and I went to a prom party dressed as chaperones and I needed an appropriately  frumpy vest. While there she helped by acting as look-out while I stashed #2. She also gets credit for finding #3, the Holy Grail of kitsch – a neon nativity scene on black velvet. It’s a thing of beauty. While we were searching too, a lady next to us gasped, “Oh my gosh, look at that,” pointing to a two inch, framed photocopy of a sonogram. For 99 cents.

Of course I bought it.

2.1, Only the back of the card is glued to the cardboard, so when you take it out of the frame, it's still openable.


4 thoughts on “The Goodwill Project – Entry 3

    • Thanks! It’s been a blast so far. Hopefully this weekend/next week I begin the process of trying to find them where I left them:)

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