The Goodwill Project – Entry 4

Ran up to the FW Goodwill this Friday to drop of Painting #3, and try to find Painting #1, which I dropped off a few weeks ago


And there was much rejoicing!

I thought ‘d hid it fairly well, but it was moved two shelves down, meaning someone at least has seen it. After a brief dance, I deposited painting 3. (Getting quite proficient at sneaking in artwork. *Banksy would be proud)

Had a moment of panic when I went to pay for it though. I’d left the price sticker on the back, feeling all kinds of crafty, but  as it turns out Northern Indiana Goodwill’s don’t use price stickers. The conversation went something like this:

cashier: Huh. *laughing/squinting at the painting itself, then at the back*

Reunited and it feeeel's so good.

me: Hm?
cashier: Well, there’s a goodwill sticker, but it’s not ours….We just use sharpies….
me: Oh. um, weird.
cashier:….You know what I bet happened? This sticker looks like the type they use around Indy. I bet someone was down there bought this down there, then came back here and returned it. Huh. It sure is weird isn’t it?” (Not sure if she was referring to the painting itself or the situation)
…Hold on a minute, let me check with ____.

After some waiting, she and another lady communicated with some hand gestures, and she asked if I’d take it for 1.00. The sticker price was 1.99, so, I guess Andrew was right- putting art in Goodwill does cheapen it.

*Banksy – an artist who pulls badass guerilla art stunts like this one all the time.


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