Goodwill Project Entry 5

Long time no see, was busy, locked in battle with the beast known as Fall Semester Finals, from which I’ve returned more or less victorious (huzzah!) Am meeting with a professor the first week or so to photograph a bunch of it.

Significant changes to the Goodwill Project. Went to the Muncie store to find Painting #2, but it apparently had been sold! At first a part of me was upset, especially after my success in finding #1. After some initial wandering about the store, trying to figure out what to do, I grabbed a small jewelry box and a few odds and ends that fit in it, intending to make Goodwill Painting #4 to continue the project.

This eventually became a sort of memorial piece to the original painting.  (photo coming after my shoot in Jan) After some thought, and  feedback during my final watercolor critique, I decided to do away with my 3 x’s 3 idea (taking three, rotating three times). Instead, I’m going to keep rotating the remaining two, documenting like I’ve done so far, until they’re gone, after which I’ll do two more memorial pieces. The final display, then, would be these three pieces surrounded by the photos, receipts, detritus, etc relating to each.

Other than that, the past few days have been spent sleeping, reading, drinking entirely too much coffee- the way breaks should be spent.


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