Goodwill Project Entry 6

to refresh your memory.

After a brief break for finals and holidays, I resumed the Goodwill project with a brief trip nortward to try and find Painting #3 (#2 having been sold). Even though it’d been several weeks, I thought for sure I’d find it, as who wants a velvet neon nativity scene complete with gold thread and poorly drawn stripes?

Well aparently someone out there did, because when I went it was nowhere to be found. Once again, I trolled the store a bit to find the bits needed to make a memorial
piece for it. I think I’m also going to stick to the box form for all three memorials for a variety of reasons (to be layed out with the final artist’s statement) This leaves just one more painting, ironically the first (and the only so far to have been successfully found and rebought). This weekend I’m going hunt for it. Weird to think this phase could be almost over.

For a more current version, imagine double the amount of papers, some scribbled diagrams tacked to the wall and a few empty cups of tea.

Have also now officially moved into the senior painting studio. See? Stuff.


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