Goodwil Project – Entry 7

Exciting news. Went to the Muncie Goodwill a few days ago and it appears that the final piece, which was also the only one to be found,  re-bought and snuck back in, has been sold. Huzzah! Bought some materials to make the third memorial piece, so now it’s just finishing up those, taking the rest of the photos on the disposable, and putting it all together.*

Of course, all this will happen AFTER my thesis show, probably. Just found out I’m going the first week, meaning I then have a good three weeks in which to use the studio space (woo!)

Also, Bookish (see previous entry) is up, open and lookin’ good. Check it out if you’re in the Muncie area.

(*show specifics and the ever-promised photos coming soon)
(*also found a $2 hair dryer to aid in some paper casting that, while not really relevant, is still exciting.)


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