And the livin is easy.

That's right. Gradimicated biznatches.

Summer! Huzzah! Time for sun tea and bike rides and farmer’s markets and reading… and more consistent updates!*

Bonus- now that I’m free of The Man (read; higher education) for a bit, it’s also time to finish up some old projects and start some long awaited ones. Including:

~finally uploading some long overdue undergrad stuff

~The Goodwill Project. All three memorial sculptures are now finished (you can see two of them now here.), leaving just some typing/framing/display things to do with the documentation. This week I’m going to investigate a few ideas I have for a possible show.

~The Muncie Drawing Project: in which I spend the next month taking requests from Muncians, the month following drawing them all, and the month after that (the last before my lease is up) displaying them somewhere, as sort of a “peace out, thanks for the goodtimes” type of show. If you live in/have lived in Muncie and have a request you can either email it to:
mun.see_drawing_project [at] yahoo [dot] com
Or submit it here.

~AND, last but not least, I’ve signed up for my first mini-marathon (Indianapolis, 10/16) which is not only my first mini, but also my first time running as a St. Jude Hero. While not an art project, per se, St. Jude’s is definitely worth checking out. As if treating and researching cures for kids wasn’t cool enough, part of St. Jude’s mission is to provide care for all children who come there. (No family is ever turned away because of their ability to pay for medical treatment.) As a St. Jude Hero (their term, not mine), I’ve committed to raising $500. So, in between checking out some photos, submitting silly drawing ideas, if you could check out the above link, spare 5 minutes and 5 dollars you’d be doing a really really good thing.

And now, I believe it’s time for some Conan and a Fat Tire. hurrah summer indeed.


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