It’s like candy! For your computer and brain!*

So, true to form, the first two months of summer were spent with a lack of ideas or motivation to make anything new, beyond doodles. Now, as moving day rapidly approaches and more and more artstuff is put into boxes, all I want to do is paint or draw or make things out of pantyhose.
Instead, I’ve been keeping track of all ideas and distracting myself/filling my brain with internet goodness. For those of you also needing a temporary distraction, I offer up the following;
Art House Co-op – very very cool. Traveling sketchbook show, mini sketch-projects, a sketchbook library? Definitely participating next month if possible.
my love for you is a stampede of horses – well maintained art-blog updated daily with info, studio visits, interviews. Where I found This Lady->
MOBA – Museum of Bad Art
Hyperbole and a Half – a new favorite
XKCD – an old favorite.
Badder Homes & Gardens – “If you’ve ever gotten nauseous watching Martha Stewart, then this delightfully sarcastic—yet still useful—site is for you.”

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