I know I said no new posts but.

I have discovered the cure for writer’s block! Having been a chronic sufferer myself until (very) recently, you can imagine how excited I am to share the solution with you all! All I did was

  • plan a fairly (for me anyway) impulsive move to a new city
  • panic about said move/not having a job/no longer being held in the safe bosom of academia
  • let said panic about said move spur a flurry of packing
  • pack everything I own a week too early
  • make *cupcakes
  • look at all the cool things other people are making
  • want to make cool things too
  • realize all art supplies except sketchbook are packed
  • realize sketchbook is in car and have no desire to go get it
  • have nothing to do on a friday night.
  • write!

(who knew it was so easy?)

Three new poems up under Writing- two new, one not so.

*an integral part of the process.

4 thoughts on “I know I said no new posts but.

  1. Thanks! Most worrisome is how, despite my claims of being ‘anti-stuff’ my shit seems to have begat more shit. I’m ready to just choose five boxes at random and leave the rest.

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