in my brain: Entropy

We talk a lot in the art world about ‘archival quality’ and preservation. Our culture even has an entire industry built around keeping our empty bodies safe from rot, long after we’ve ceased to inhabit them. The truth is, though, the only things guaranteed to last for forever, is the fact that nothing lasts forever. And really, the ephemerality of everything is what makes existence precious. I mean, watch any Christmas Special where some dumb kid wishes for it to be Christmas everyday, and before you can say “20 minute moral” the little twerp’s already sick of it. Beyond the way material things break down, systems, ritual, memory- even the intangible is subject to the workings of entropy.

Started two series of paintings/drawings that’ve been floating about in my brain for a while. One of which, I’d started before the move and both of which have to do with the ideas of order and entropy, the eventual break-down of these systems. The first, which you can now see up in Image, is also an exploration of a material I’ve been wanting to try for a while now- rust.

the very, very beginnings of oxidation


3 thoughts on “in my brain: Entropy

    • abby: thanks! still need to thoroughly read that stuff you send me
      jacinda: I love it!! I really like the sandpaper and the ’90 works in 90 days”

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