Hair Cuts and Cut Outs

So much for ‘more regular, relevant and interesting posts, eh? A rambly review of a few adventures in Grandview and a haiku about cucumber soup in the past two weeks? Buh.

It’s not for lack of enthusiasm or activity- I’ve submitted work to a few shows, applied to a docent training program at The Wex, worked more on that series I posted a peek at a few weeks back… Then waited. And waited. And still waiting. And put said project on hold due to lack of materials (and funds) Which doesn’t make for the most interesting of posts.

dear viewers (all three of you) – still waiting to hear back on everything. Ran a bit. Ran a bit more. Sold two oil change specials though!  And thought lots. (insert pages of illegible scribbling in sketchbook)

While waiting, though I started a collage to vent a bit of work-related frustration that begat a larger mixed media drawing using materials I already have, and which begat ‘purge paintings’ that I’m actually very excited about. This is the first time since spring semester I’ve worked on anything larger than 9″x 12″. It’s both terrifying and wonderful.

Some in progress shots

the 'drawing' (that began with the original collage in the middle panel)

so far (plus knobly hobbit feet for scale. It's 1.5 sheets of watercolor paper long)

detail (trying to capture the variety of subtle whites going on. to no avail. curse you mood lighting)

more detail (did i mention it's still very much in progress?)

gratuitous detail (the most 'done' part so far.)

(Apologies on the quality. poor lighting + random bursts of impulsivity that resulted in me taking pictures RIGHTNOW)

Speaking of impulsivity-  In spite of, or maybe because of, my near fanatical need to control, organize and plan nearly everything (you should see my grocery list) I’m prone to periodic flashes of impulsivity*. Like last night. I’ve wanted to cut my own hair since I sobbed through ‘Sweet November’ as a weepy tween, and last night, during the closing credits of ‘Perfect Blue’ decided that I could and NEEDED to cut my own hair RIGHTNOW. It could’ve been so bad. But wasn’t!*

no before pictures due to said impulsivity, but just imagine more here.

and this bizarre longish bit here in the front.

after- beast vanquished! thank you youtube videos and craft scissors.

But seriously, I will make good on that promise to bring such lovely things as well written articles, deep probing interviews with emerging artists and FINISHed work. Seriously.

*both whiskey and tall bridges have bested me during such bouts.
*although this should be a pretty good lesson as to why I shouldn’t be left on my own for too long. I give it three weeks more before I’m DIYing tatoos with safety pins and india ink.

4 thoughts on “Hair Cuts and Cut Outs

  1. the collage sounds great! congrats on your first piece bigger than 9×12! it’s really coming along! the detail was amazing

    also- love the haircut! its so cute!

  2. Congrats on the hair! Looks great. And when you start DIYing tattoos, give me some pointers because I’ve considered the very same idea…but I’m a chicken.

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