Chopin’s Guts! New work

Finally got (somewhat) caught up with new work in Guts and Independents.

I’ve also been working a lot on the drawing/performance piece I mentioned a few posts back. Unfortunately it’s the ‘thinking-researching-doodling-evenmorethinking-practicing-still more thinkingresearching’ kind of work. Which is less than thrilling to anyone else.

Also also, been working on my portfolio for The Drawing Center‘s slide viewing program, and trying to get in some galleries around here. (starting to slip backing into my old reclusive, darger-esque habits of making lots and showing none)

Which leads me to a question for other visually-minded folk: How how do you go about starting your artist’s statement? Not an individual statement about one meaning-packed piece or series, but a grand, over arcing manifesto that somehow encompasses all your hows and whys but doesn’t sound too informal or too pretentious and doesn’t go on for ever and ever and make you seem like a crazy person?


progress on a painting that's part of the aforementioned slide series

Other Real Life Item of Note: My days peddling autoparts are at an end! Still a small cog in a big corporate machine, but  at least this machine does various forms of do-goodery. And smells good. And never never plays Eric Clapton’s ‘Layla’ over the store radio.


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