turnip the noise, turnip the funk.

My new year started with a car that wouldn’t, George puke on paintings and work. *wa wa*

So, in the spirit of the Mighty Pythons, I’ve decided this year officially begins on Jan 2nd. And so, armed with pet specific-carpet cleaner and a (probably stupidly misguided*)  belief that a combined six months experience selling car parts has made me a mechanic- Hello 2011!

And while I’m not one for making (and seriously keeping) new year’s resolutions, I do have a few goals for this year, one of which can be seen here. I’ve mentioned running/St. Jude’s on this blog, but in an attempt to keep this site more streamlined (as well as help out with the second goal mentioned below), I’ve created a second blog to record specific runs/times/anecdotes/musings as I train for my first marathon, as well as generate interest in St. Jude’s (in doubling distance I also hope to double the amount of funds I raise).

But, art-wise, I really want to work on focusing. I’ve always had about twenty different ‘projects’ going at once. On one hand, I don’t think I’ve been bored since 1992. On the other, I get so excited about thinking that sometimes have a hard time sitting and just doing. Right now, for example I have about five different (but somewhat related) series/projects going on in my brain, as well as a list of ‘experiments’ and what-ifs I just want to try, and an on-going list of artists to research.
(how did I ever get anything done in school??)


chart of the different parts of my brain right now. (artistically, anyway). totally normal.


This is the year I get. shit. done.

-The collaborative drawing project I’ve been working on is almost ready for the next step
-Have totally, shamelessly glommed onto Laura’s mail art/collage campaign
-I’ve got more plans for body parts as well as some new plans for more body-related  drawings.
– Am starting a monster of a drawing/’residency’** project, the seeds of which were planted with Family of Curiosities
-Another classification project, also related to my love for early naturalists
-And last but not least, solid goals/direction regarding shows that i don’t feel quite confident about to put up yet.


*update- a few hours, scraped knuckles and lots of swearing later (and thanks to the Napa guy who lent me tools) battery is fixed!

**”residency” instead of residency as it’s not a real, hard-one, resume building residency as it is an autobiographical project based at my parent’s house that I’m treating like a residency.


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