New work…kind of.

Over the past year or so, my drawings have become more and more like mini-, private performances, almost like rituals. This leads to the question- if a performance is private, does it still ‘count’ ? What’s the ‘point’? How can one document a performance without help from other people? If a private performance is documented, does this it’s private-ness? Does a performance even need an audience?
(please feel free to respond! most of these questions are still just questions begetting more questions.)
Anyway, over the past several weeks I’ve been working on a series of drawings about repetition, tedium, and, as always, control vs. chaos. And this is what it looks like
Also permanently posted in That which is more act than object
(I think this also makes the case for why more people watch musicians make music, than watch artists make art.)
Also, The Correspondence Collaboration Continues! Got an awesome card from Laura that is both funny and disgusting (two of my favorite things) and which you can see here. I already have a thought of what to do back, so be on the lookout for that.

2 thoughts on “New work…kind of.

  1. I love this. I am a music student, so I’m asking myself questions like these all the time. No, I don’t think art or music needs and audience for it to be a powerful aesthetic experience for you. We learn so much from what we make, even is no one else is around to watch or listen to it.

    Whitney =)

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