New work, freshly cleaned pages and plugs for CMA and Isabella Rossellini

New work! Series of small graph-paper drawings.

'I'm Ira Glass," water and graphite on graph paper

'Let England Shake" thread on graph paper.

'Lucy,' thread and watercolor on graph paper.

"Let the Record Show." watercolor on graph paper.

"The Real Folk Blues" thread and found image on graph paper

Also posted under the shiny, newly cleaned up ‘Work’ section. Go ahead. Scroll over. Behold the simplified beauty. I’ll wait.

Nice, right? The old format, organized by media was just…lame. Especially coming from someone who rails against segregation by media (painters paint, sculptors sculpt. Lame.).

And speaking of reorganization, if you’re in the greater Columbus area, you should totally check out the newly renovated Columbus Museum of Art.
Rather than organize the galleries by chronology or region, the galleries are arranged by subject with names like “Love and War” “New Materials” and the new exhibit, “Shared Intelligence” about the symbiotic relationship between painting and photography is just fantastic.

And if you’re outside looks like mine (rainy, chilly, awesome blanket and book weather) and you don’t feel like leaving, check this out: Green Porno.
(Two minute documentaries about animal mating habits. Narrated by Isabella Rossellini. While wearing paper costumes and acting them out.)


4 thoughts on “New work, freshly cleaned pages and plugs for CMA and Isabella Rossellini

  1. This is a really interesting concept to work with. It’s a cool idea to use graph paper as your ‘canvas’. I like the last one and how it kind of breaks the boundaries and geometrical nature of graph paper.

    • Thanks! I had a professor say to me once (more than once:) ) that absolutely every medium has meaning, so whether you use paper or canvas or paint or rust or string, etc- whatever you use has a conceptual impact as well as visual. Thinking about order vs. decay, and manufactured vs. handmade- graph paper seemed to make sense.

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