50ft queenie/50 and rising

50ft queenie/50 and rising
So, a week without posts. Nigh on three weeks without post of substance beyond self-serving whinging. No apologies here, though. One, because it’d only come out like more self-serving whinging (does anyone really get that distraught without new blog posts from me?)
And also, because it was slightly intentional-  The computer, the internet- lovely useful tools. Also EVIL. And full of tasty knowledge with no end, bestowing the ability to follow every impulsive train of thought.
(Which PJ Harvey album came first? -> PJ Harvey wiki -> You Tube ‘Mansize’ video -> contemplate filming own tribute to said video -> practice-> back to wiki, she’s NOT a part of Riot Grrl? Who was again? ((new tab)) -> new comics! old comics? older comics? olderolder comics? -> Hope Larson wiki! ->I wonder how long it’d take to drive to Toronto? maybe by train?) etc…
Needless to say, I needed a break.
But I do have pictures from the Roatrip of Whiskey*  Not great ones, as  J, B and I tend to be very silly around each other which leaves little time for F-stop or composition. But fun was had, the paintings are safely hanging in the Living Arts and Science Center as I type, and there were some Things to Work With that came up, especially at the Mary Todd Lincoln** house.


Trees outside the Living Arts and Science Center.

Also outside the LASC- the SKETCHIESTdamn ice cream...van? I've ever seen.

We also went to the Kentucky horse museum where I got to geek out over my love for museum displays. Dioramas! Miniatures! Charts!

Again, miniatures! They had about twenty of these behind glass. The figures are roughly a cm tall.

So seriously, I had my doubts about the horse museum, but this changed my mind. That place was amazing. I'm about as tall as the pictures, the horse is life-sized...

One of the only pictures of the actual horses that doesn't completely suck. My only regret about the trip is that my sketchbook didn't come out until the next day, really. Wasted opportunity, but alas.

A preview of my current project, inspired by the aforementioned Mary Todd Lincoln house. More to come later...

Green things! I think we can safely declare spring in OH.

*Which was light on the whisky, but very much so full of Wonder! I guess there were wine coolers. Roadtrip of Winecoolers and Wonder! is decidedly less catchy, though. 



One thought on “50ft queenie/50 and rising

  1. There’s lots and lots of Lincoln stuff out here….you should come visit. Seriously, you can even come see the amazing much hyped so cool wow yeeeeah Lincoln Courting Couch, which, though much hyped, ended up just being a random couch that they think Abe and Mary Todd may have possibly sat on in a random home where they think that the couple may have possibly been introduced to one another. A lot of speculation for a pretty boring couch in a pretty boring home, but hey! It’s Lincoln! So all is cool.

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