Artist’s Desktops by Nate Larson

Artist’s Desktops by Nate Larson

Nate Larson, an awesome artist I know through the equally awesome Jacinda has a tumblr project featuring artist’s desktops
You can see my completely appropriate desktop on today’s post:

.Nate came to Ball State a year or two ago to speak and blew my mind, so after checking out the desktops like the vouyer I know you all are, head over to his site (linked above) be sure to check out the rest of his work.

You can also submit your own (directions on his site)




One thought on “Artist’s Desktops by Nate Larson

  1. I couldn’t find your email address.

    Here’s a link to the video we talked about tonight:

    The website is completely in chinese, but if you use Google Chrome it will translate the website for you. But you really don’t need to be able to read anything, just click play and you can see the whole video.


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