to two too.

Not one, but two shows coming up (although, does it count if one is a one woman show you made up at your local Goodwill store? Cause if not, then just one show) More about that later though, when I have brain enough to put wordy-things into whatsits……sentances, yeah.

Hilary Carlip

Also stumbled upon A La Cart by Hillary Carlip in my local library. The book contains 26 found grocery lists (!), with Carlip dressed up as the characters created based on the items on the lists, the appearance of the lists themselves as well as where she found them (!!) as well as their stories she made up about them (!!!) This fits so completely with what I’m doing with the Goodwill Project that I had to get it. In retrospect, though, I kind of wish it was just the image and list. The stories feel flatter than the pictures and at times not…so good. Plus printing the story too kills some of the mystery. I like that mystery.

Speaking of stories and wonderful things my hero (and conscious*) Miranda July has a new movie coming out. There’s also a place on the movie’s website where you can get your future read and sign up to get your future emailed to you every Monday and Thursday. Which I’ve totally done. I’ll let you know when I know.

*Any time I worry about petty shit, or spend large amounts of time on facebook or looking at pictures of cats, or just internetting in general I think “What did Miranda July do for the past hour and a half- d’you think she watched Nora the Piano cat three times in a row? Picked at her face? Looked at every facebook photo of old classmates not seen since fourth grade? Or do you think, instead, she spent the time thinking brilliant things or making up dances or writing another movie that will change your life?” I know this is not fair to her or me, but I can’t stop doing it.

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