pictures from ‘pattern play’

pictures from ‘pattern play’

Just got my pieces back from Pattern Play. I feel like a proud parent welcoming my kid home from their first semester at college.* Not only was the Living Arts And Science Center nice enough to ship them back, they also sent out pictures of the space being used while the show was up.

during Family Fun Day.

field trip

another field trip.


hooray field trips!


I’m still not sure how (or, sometimes, even if) I fit into the Art World Scene, but I this feels kind of great. I especially love how engaged the students are in the first one. And how excited the kid in the third one is. Imagine how awesome it’d be to see adults get that into pieces in a GrownUp Museum.

So yeah, if you’re ever in Lexington, you should definitely check the LASC out. I mean, it’s art. Plus science. Plus awesome.

In other Very Important News- am moved! Which means more art being done, and hopefully for anyone who’s stuck around, more interesting and well thought posts that prove my literacy and interest in things other than shameless self promotion**

*or what I imagine this to feel like. I’m sure this feeling is 100% the same as that.
** although you’re reading a blog, which by its very nature is self promoting so maybe that’s your thing?

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