The Goodwill Show – Success!

The Goodwill Show – Success!

Was able to successfully sneak all three pieces plus labels into the store without attracting any undue attention to myself. Also got to see two of my best friends, Kifer and  J, the awesome Hannah Barnes, and spend some quality time with my parents.

Even with the labels and the artist’s statement nearby, it was interesting to see how much they blended in to the rest of the knick-knackery. Also interesting was how differently I saw the store. I’ve been in Goodwill’s since the last phase of the project, but not with ART in mind. Further plans for covert thriftstore shenanigans to come fer sher.*

En Route (inspiration for a spontaneous project later in the weekend)

the Artist contemplating Deep Things.

To document the show, I used a generic disposable camera (the kind I used out of necessity in the beginning of the project) You can see more pictures of the pieces themselves Here. I left the pieces where they were on the shelf, to be bought like the paintings were, so if you’re in or around Muncie, check it out.

Also to come this week: the final instal from All The Pretty Trees! An ‘Adventure’! In progress painting pictures! Mary Todd Lincoln! Tales of Beauracracy! Thrilling updates about Real Life Things! Pictures of my cat and plants I haven’t killed yet! More excessive punctuation!?! You bet!!!

Nam June Paik?

*Why haven’t we found a way to make sleep optional yet?

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