Still alive, I promise.

Still alive, I promise.

Just busy.

Training for this. (after a brief break due to injury)

Still working on this
Which you can see better here:
Which was inspired by an impulsive stop during this trip and is inspiring several other Projects (still too early to say much).

And speaking of Secret Projects, remember this one?

ready to be sealed and sent

Probably not, but that’s okay, I do. Things will happen soon.

And speaking of things happening, what used to be this

Look! We have dirt!

now looks like this!

baby tomatoes

out of control zucchini siamese twins

And what was a casual interest in green things has bloomed (har. har.) into full scale obsession. The other day while running I almost took a bag of yard waste out of a neighbor’s yard because I needed some ‘brown matter‘ for my compost tub.

Also found out I got into a show! SOMArts’  Reversing the Gaze: Man as Object. Submitted my Pulp Series. The Perfect Gentleman will be on display, and (along with The Lone Wolf ) in the catalog as well. Woo!

And speaking of shows, participating in the Chain Letter Show.

Was hoping to use a piece I already had, due to the fast approaching deadline (July 3rd), but none fit the size restrictions. Decided instead to do an index card sized version of Lucy. Unfortunately, also due to said deadline, this is the only photo I got of it, as as soon as it was done it was shoved into an envelope and shipped off, hopefully in time.

AND as if that weren’t enough to keep idle hands busy, been investigating possible employment*. Because of uncontrollable budget hoo-ha, I no longer get paid for working with Artful Adventures.** Just when I was ready to accept that more of my life was going to get offered up to the bagel-altar of the Panera Gods, CMA came through for me again- I am now a Family Programs Assistant! It’s irregular work, but it’s paid and, hopefully, will help cover Necessary Evils such as rent and food and allow plenty of time to obsess over former First Ladies and talk to my zucchini.


*an annoyingly time-consuming act. Can’t you just trust me, future employers, that I’m right for X Job? Just give me a shot.
**no longer paid in US Currency, that is. I still get plenty of preschool magic for my efforts.

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