some-er- Correspondence Campaign

About a week ago (alack!) I received the most recent installment in the Correspondence Campaign from Laura

This is actually a view of the front next to the view of the back. When you hold the card to the light you can see the images combined. Awesome. I think my favorite part about this card is that it can only exist as an object (postcard). If I were to frame it, I’d lose half the piece. I was thinking about this the other day- In my studio I have all the cards from L hung up on a line in order and it’s interesting to see the evolution of this process. As they’ve gone along they’ve become less individual images and more a story/conversation (which I suppose is the point of correspondence) and their being postcards (rather than paintings mailed in envelopes) has become more important.

The image itself is about perfectionism and an epic sunburn, which you can read more about on her site. I had an idea about cataloging my own body’s experience with summer (I’m pretty sure 75% of my blood now lies scattered amongst the Olentangy mosquito population) but didn’t think of it until too late. I could always document my burgeoning farmer’s/runner’s tan a la Travis Shaffer ,but that feels like too much of something already done. Hm. Will ponder….

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