Exciting news.

Alright, Internet, it’s time I let you in on the big news-

Next week is my last in part time employ because the following Monday I, Cat Lynch, start a Grown Up Job.

AND it’s at Open Door Art Studio. How happy does that make me?*
This happy.

And now imagine the leader of the free world is riding towards a cupcake. Made of kittens.

I didn’t want to mention it before it was f’real (because I’m still twelve and believe if you hope for something you’ve jinxed it.), and didn’t want to mention it too soon after, in fairness to my current employers.

But here it is! It’s on the internet so it must be true now, huzzah!

*Okay, so I did have a thought-out, interesting post about Outsider Artists relevant to the population I’m going to be working with, but then I found this picture. Enjoy, and I’ll get the real Content up later.

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