A photolog of the past week or so.

First- One of Jen’s adventure bag. Want to know more? Ask her, maybe she’ll even let you check one out.

deciding where to nap is G's daily adventure.

My (now) buried treasure.

And then there was Pulpfest 2011.

the spoils.

And speaking of pulpish things, a peek at a reference photo for the next installment of the Correspondence Campaign.

No photos of it, but researched and found a location for the next Thing. (coming to a library near you, this fall…)

plus stuio time

more studio time.

took a break from studio to build (and poorly photograph) a long promised spice rack

To promote her upcoming movie, Miranda July has a website where you can instantly have your fortune told, as well as sign up for bi-weekly updates about your fate from MJ. Of course I signed up. Worth it, just for this:

Then, a week or so ago I found this while cleaning connectors at the museum:

Which totally relates to one of the Things- and therefore all of the Things- and which will most definitely reappear as it’s own Thing.



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