Cult of Celebrity

Greek Hero Cults- the original celebrity worship

Lily Langtry, one of the first celebrities to be famous for being famous, and one of the first to do celebrity endorsements.

John 1971 by Elizabeth Peyton- contemporary painter whose subjects include Kurt Cobain, Leonardo DiCaprio, Napoleon.

Edie Sedgwick- One of Andy Warhol's 'Superstars' and the catalyst for my own fascination with "being famous for being famous"

Candice Breitz- South African artist. Click above to see her full website, and be especially sure to check out her Monuments and Surrogate Portraits (above) which are not only about celebrity, but use un-famous people to stand in for the famous. Love.

High on my list of 'Tacky Places To Which I Desperately Wish to Go' - Madam Tussauds. The Las Vegas location, according to Umberto Eco, is supposed to have the most bizarre juxtaposition of celebrities.

From Anoush Abrar's project, Californication- wherein Abrar followed several young women to casting calls, photo shoots etc, trying to 'make it' in Los Angeles. Found via ilikethisart.

Jillian McDonald a.k.a. my new best friend. Linked to the ilikethisart post where I found her as it does a good job of explaining this project, as well as her work in general. Maybe she, Miranda and I can make matching friendship bracelets??




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