Guest Post ahoy!

Remember that post a few days ago where I mentioned new employment? Orientation/training started this week, and oy vey. Here’s the condensed version (bulletted for easy skipping, because if you only read part of this post, the next bit is way more important and entertaining.)

  • CPR/First Aid
  • MAC I (medicine administration certification- passing medication in all routes, emergency medicine like diastat, taking vital signs, etc.)
  • approximately 17thousand forms
  • Hep B shots
  • sensitivity/awareness training
  • non-violent self defense
  • verbal behavioral modification
  • meeting a handful of staff, all of whom lovelovelove their job

It’s been crazy interesting, but I’m so glad to have two days off and even more excited to go to Open Door itself on Tuesday.

Since this week has been full of acronyms and definitions (AOC, CCHA, SCL, ODAS, MR/DD, A&I to name but a few), here are a few more:

‘An excuse’ is a defense for an action.
‘To excuse’ is to forgive, pardon, expulcate.

So please, excuse my excuses for not telling you about the guest-post I wrote last week- “ Politically-Incorrect Pulp and The feminists Who Love It over at Brown-Eyed-Amazon. If you like any of the following: food, social justice, politics, silliness (did I mention the food?) –  then check it out. It’s hard to talk about Big Things, in a medium that’s created the verb ‘To Troll’ and that rewards such treasures as ‘Trolololo’ or  ‘Cats That Look Like Hitler’, but Ana, author of Brown-Eyed Amazon manages to do so without ever being anything other than sincere. Do-Goodery that’s not sacchrine? BEA.

In exchange for letting me write for her ‘Word of Mouth’ section, Ana also agreed to an intra-view*, which I’ll get up in the next couple of days or so. Really. Pinkie promise, this time, internet.

*Remember those? They’re coming back.

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