People Who Make and Do Neat Things – AnaYelsi

It’s back! (for now, at least) People who Make and Do Neat Things: a monthly interview in which each interviewee is asked five basic questions (who, what, where, when, why) and asked, not only to find an answer but also the question they wish to answer.

This month we get to hear from AnaYelsi. AnaYelsi is, in her own words, a “Christ-Follower. Hippie. Abolitionist. Day Dreamer. Night Owl. Cook. Community Organizer. Foodie. Dieter. Poet.  Activist. Conscious Consumer. Feminist. Student. Teacher. Missionary. Artist. Blogger.Her blog, Brown-Eyed-Amazon covers everything from food to fashion to social justice. When not writing for BEA, Ana works as  the Director of the Advocacy Department for Word Made Flesh (

(WHO are you?)  I’m a single 20-something with a passion for the New York Yankees, coffee ice cream, and pursuing justice.  Professionally, I am the Director of the Advocacy Department for Word Made Flesh (  Word Made Flesh is called and committed to serve Jesus among the most vulnerable of the world’s poor; particularly victims of human trafficking.  In my free time, I’m a super-hero!  Well… I aspire to be one.  Childhood admiration for Wonder Woman and Harriet Tubman has evolved into an adult dream to fight the good fight and be a voice for the voiceless. gives me a venue to shine light on issues that MUST be addressed.

(WHAT do you make?) I am a writer to the depths of my soul; poetry, editorials, academic pieces and more.  I love to express myself through written word and when even that is not enough… pen to paper becomes paintbrush to canvas.  There is an entire section of B.E.A dedicated to my original poetry and paintings; many of which has a focus on social justice.
(WHERE are you going?)  It doesn’t matter… as long as I am going.  I thrive on new experiences, adventure, and challenges.  To be stagnant is a fate worse than death (Not that I want to test this theory ~_*).

(WHEN do you think you should’ve been born?)  I was meant for this time or God wouldn’t have chosen it for me but knowing my nature I can certainly see myself marching on Washington as a 1960’s civil rights activist.  Or perhaps asserting my rights as a woman during the suffrage movement?  I know!  Carrying a “Si se puede!” sign as I fight for fair treatment of migrant workers alongside César Chávez.

(WHY should we give a damn?)  Because you matter.  And when the time comes for someone to stand up and fight for you you’re going to want someone who gives a damn; someone who knows YOU matter.  Every person deserves that and today… you can be the one who offers it.


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