We all need more magical moments…

A guest-post by Camila Marquez, for 20sb.net’s Summer Blog Swap. This is the first time I’ve ever participated in a blog swap and if all posts are going to be this good it f’sure won’t be the last,

Malleable tar beneath my 9-year old feet. Clouds combing the sky with water droplets after rain dances. Nightfall conversations under Georgia O’Keefe Skies. These are moments that form my summers, my magical memories of the June to September time span under the wings of the sun.

Sometimes we just need those moments that pull us back into who we are, into why we exist. We need the potential joy that sits on the sidelines waiting to leap into life’s game between the 9-5 work schedules, the bills that must be paid, the need tos and have tos of things, to bound in and grasp us.

My siblings, cousins, and I have always had a penchant for performing, for spending hours preparing and throwing shows for our family members… and sometimes just us. The thing is, we’re growing up, and we’ve never stopped. The songs within our souls, the dance rhythm in our feet, the whispering words that find themselves on paper and in greetings runs passionately through our blood. It seems to run through the blood of my boyfriend too.

This July, my boyfriend and I ventured to New Mexico for some family meet and greet and of course, a performance now etched into my memories. A Tangential World, a concert that grew and grew from my boyfriend’s band COJOI, and my brother’s band Post War Germany to include my cousin’s band, my sister-in-love’s brother, and one of my sister’s friends slowly became a reality.

Beneath the city in the sky, the stars flashing down; amidst my grandfather’s paintings and collected tapestries; my mother and her lovely boyfriend’s garage was transformed into a concert venue.

Voices I have heard singing in pre-adolescence now carried the most gorgeous melodies. Songs I have heard pour forth so many times before sounded even more melodramatic and wonderful. It seems that magic is found with collections of people, in shared moments, in smiles that float from one body to another.

With face-paint, tambourine tapping, and the collection of voices from people I love, I found yet another magical night in the prolific singing of my loved ones.

Camila Furr Márquez is a wanderlusting nomad currently living in Connecticut. She loves crafting, social justice, folk art, and traveling. Check out her blog at www.owlwingediccarus.blogspot.com or follow her on twitter @ZiaCamila.

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