New Job – New work – New weekend

To preserve my sanity, I took a hiatus from studio work during Real Week 1 of new job.

Having made it through week 1 to the first real weekend (as in, two days off, Sat AND Sun, without having requested them weeks in advance), the past two days’ve been spent reading, reading, running and painting (and probably more reading)

Due to funds (gap in payschedules from old job to new), the next Big Thing is on hold. Instead, I reacquainted myself with watercolors. Started with some new warmups (the new ones are black, blue and yellow, towards the bottom).


total warmups as of 8/21

Having done roughly 30 or so, I’m starting to see some new trends/patterns. I’d like to try to push this idea-  I have a few symbols I use consciously, but adding to them expands my vocabulary of shapes, letting me make more work that’s meaningful/personal, without being too confessional. Like below.

holding one's own, watercolor, 2011




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