Oh hey-

Performance 1 completed and beautifully so (thanks to some fantastical performers). Photos and details to come (soon. No really, I promise this time.)

Also, received an email today about the Man As Object show- And look! A postcard!

Until the postcard comes out, a part of me worries that maybe the whole thing's in my head.

Also mentioned in the email were the featured artists. I admit, I only recognized two names. And I have mixed feelings about even those. AND I have a whole other bag of mixed feelings about the gulf that can exist between Famous and Good (All rants for another, longer post when something delicious with eggplant isn’t lurking in the next room.)

Still, to see my name in an exhibition with recognizable names just felt so cool.

The link to the full list of names can be found here, as well as a Very Real looking post on SOMArts blog here.



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