Postcard Collective – Progress

Just received the address list for the Postcard Collective, which proved to be the kick to the arse needed to finally get started. The theme for the Fall 2011 exchange is ‘newness.’

I’ve decided to create 30 new paintings of 30 old photographs, using all new paper, paint, ink, even new pencils. I’m still working through what it all means. The postcards themselves, as objects, are the newnew to me, but as images, they look old. And not only are the original images old, they’re also photographs taken by someone else. Without putting too much thought into it, I painted the first two trying to be as accurate to the originals as possible (where normally, I would use a photograph as a starting point only). This got me thinking about Sherrie Levine’s series, ‘After Walker Evens.’ Which, naturally only brings up more questions- Why paintings? Why not photography?

For a more eloquent description of the other questions I’ve been throwing about my brain, see this site. And if that excites you, check out After Sherrie Levine. Talk about meta.*

materials assembled


30 new paintings of 30 old things (#1), mixed media, 2011

30 new paintings of 30 old things (#2), mixed media, 2011


2 down, only 28 to go...

*And if you want to get hella meta, think about this: thanks to the internet, you can now take your own screenshots of Levine’s photos of Evans’s photos. And then you can take a screenshot of your own screenshot. And then take another of that….

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