So many things

Right now, you’re probably feeling a bit neglected. ‘What, no posts? Don’t you care anymore?”

Or maybe you’re crawling with the agony of not knowing- ‘What’s going on? What hi jinks has Cat been up to? Which famous artist is she stalking now? What has George been doing? Oh the empty blankness! The void where once was Sheepgomoo!”

Or maybe you’re worried – “No inanity. Something must be wrong.”

Rest assured, Internet, I haven’t forgotten you. I’m not trying to drive you crazy with longing, and I’m definitely not trapped under a bus. Just busybusybusy. With many good things. All of which I’ll tell you very soon! You’ll be so flooded with tales of adventure you’ll think back wistfully to this time when everything was a clean slate, a mystery.

In the meantime, go look at some pictures of kittens. Read some fake news. Wikipedia everything. Know that I still love you.


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