Three French Hens

Wednesday evening I had ambitions to write posts full of tasty pictures and hints of Just What I’ve Been working on lately (that’s been so hushhush) that would publish over weekend in a sort of Christmas treat.

Then Thursday happened. And then Friday. And then before I knew it, I was in Indiana.

Not that they don’t have internet at my parents’ house- they do. But they also have two dogs (one of whom is a persuasive napper). And an abnormally large comfy couch. And a nearly endless stream of coffee and tea. AND it was Christmas.

So that post didn’t happen when I planned it, and the weekend was lovely enough that I make no apologies. That said, I do still want to let you guys in on what’s been going on. So, I give you, a sneak peek at what is being called the Letterbox Project:


A very Merry Feast of Steven to you!

*For some reason unknown to even me, I always clean the kitchen/do the dishes before leaving for any extended period of time. The kitchen is usually cleaner when I’m not home.




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