Postcard Collective – Winter 2012

Received this gem in my inbox two days ago:


I’ve been thinking about the exchange for a while now. Originally, I figured if I just started working on postcards before finding out if I got in or not then at worst I’d have some new work made and at best, I’d avoid the frantic marathon sessions of last time.True to form I started today. In part, because I need to have some sort of definite deadline, and in part because I was doing a lot of thinking about this run of cards in the interim. Now that there is a definite deadline looming (along with a vacation the week before everything needs to be sent), it’s time for some making.

32; Postcard Collective, Winter 2012

32; Postcard Collective - Winter 2012

Planning on doing all new watercolors again. Still thinking about the process/concept. It’s all in there, just not in coherent language yet. I’ll let you know when it’s all reshuffled.

Again I say Huzzah!

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