SOPA/PIPA, or, once again I arrive late to the party.

By now, if you have been nearly anywhere on the internet today, you are aware of the internet-wide strike against SOPA and PIPA.

I had been seeing the ‘Wikepedia will go on strike in ___ hours” banner around for the past few days but a near-lifetime of banner ads has taught me to generally ignore the top two inches of my screen. When today at work I was thwarted in my efforts to answer the question ‘is the fruit around a coffee bean edible’,* I finally looked into what the protest is all about. This site, in particular had a great explanation for those like me who’s attention spans have been ruined by television.

Because I was (embarassingly) unsure of what SOPA/PIPA actually are until late this afternoon, SheepGoMoo will not be going on official blackout strike, but I do want to stress that We here at the Sheep (meaning me. And George.) are against SOPA and PIPA.**. Does intellectual property need to be defended? Absolutely. But so much of these bills seems less about protecting the creators of intellectual property and more about creating an atmosphere of finger pointing and big-brother-y (see: the Vigilante provision) in a space built on sharing, linking and inspiring across geological and political boundaries. So maybe instead of looking at all the art you totally came here to see or flipping back nostagically to read the grand wisdom I espoused on the topic of my cat, educate yo’self.




*seriously, are they?
**but all for sopapillas.

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