Greetings from

Postcard Collective - Winter 2012. Cat Lynch.


I don’t know what I’m doing at this moment, or what the weather’s like (because I’m writing this from the fuuuuutuuuure), but, barring some complication, I’m there! And (hopefully) it’s grand.


But you’re here for the free thing, aren’t you. Here’s the deal: There’s six (seven?) more postcards to come while I’m gone. Comment on any one of them- You could post a link to a map of someplace you’ve been, you could tell me a story about a vacation you went on that was swell, or maybe wasn’t swell, an adventure you had while writing a postcard once. It could be a completely fictional limeric about a trip you don’t even want to take- And for each comment you’ll get your name put into a Completely Scientific Name-Drawing Hat. Post trip, I’ll draw a name (scientifically), and that name will get their own postcard IN THE MAIL.

So enjoy the rest, Can’t wait to read/see/experience your response, Weather’s lovely, Wish you were here.


2 thoughts on “Greetings from


    I once, like a sane person, wanted some Ice cream. So I, like an odd person, decided to bike 20 miles to get some. I arrived there, as a tired person, and was delighted by the fact that they did indeed have ice cream and did not have false advertising as some previous ice-cream-now-shoe-store expeditions had had in the past. I, as a rejuvenated person, realizing the trek ahead of me, started back on it. I, as a person who sometimes gets lost, did so with total efficiency. I, as a silly person, had decided I was up for an adventure and began to sing adventuring songs and also to take a new way back. I, as a good adventurer, did so to such an extreme I biked east past my city and was heading for the border. I, as a reasonably sane person, decided to correct this, but not my adventuring songs, and eventually ended back home, where I proceeded to collapse and swear to myself to learn my local geography better before deciding to “quest” again.

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