Home again, home again

I am back! And it was indeed wonderful- There was sun, there were old things, there were daily doses of ocean , there was READING. (sigh) It was marvelous. Before you get too upset that I left you all for a week (and had an Awesome Time), know that the universe is still in balance, for while I returned with sunshine in my bones I also brought back a cold in my head. So even though I came back with drawings (and a travel-sized performance piece) and ideas and a giveaway to complete and and and–
My head’s stuffy.
You’ll get it all soon(ish), I promise- just not today. Today was spent finishing the last few postcards for the collective, and then completely abandoned to Zelda and knitting and This American Life reruns. Hooray!

There’s a miles long ToDo list waiting for me tomorrow at work but, what.evs.
Fiddledeedee, Scarlet. I got to see this guy noshing on seaweed and there’s still 8 hours of vacación left.


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