New Work – Sleepless

Sleepless: Comme un enfant. Cat Lynch. watercolor 2012

Part of my job includes giving feedback on color choice. This is difficult when one tends to work in shades of white. And brown. And grey. Maybe with the occasional red. So to improve the quality of my feedback (as well as the quality of my own work) I’ve been looking to other artists working in other media for color inspiration. Artists like Yelle:

Also, new style inspiration: Julie Budet. Who’s got two thumbs and probably needs some sleeves the size of her head? This girl.


Enjoy. Happy Monday.


2 thoughts on “New Work – Sleepless

    • Thanks! it was actually several combinations of several pigments (my watercolor stash never really evolved beyond what I bought for watercolor one) The first layer of pinks I did was a combination of alizerin crimson, pthalo violet and a bit of yellow ocher. the peachier ones started with some combination of cadmium(?) red (basic, bright redred) + yellow ochre + water, and the background pink was done with a wash of tiny bits of the redred, yellow ochre + a lot of opaque white + a tiny bit of some awesome dark purple I borrowed from hannah forever ago (dioxizine purple?) Most areas got a combination of the above + other washes of navy, yellows, etc. This piece was worth it just to open my eyes to how complex such a ‘simple’ color could be.

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