Here again and gone in a flash.

Hey remember that time in January when I had a give-away and then gave nothing away?*

Hey remember that time I sent friends valentine cards before sending my still unfinished Christmas gifts?

Hey remember that time all of my friends did cool stuff that I totally meant to promote and then didn’t and so you guys didn’t get to check it out?

Hey remember that time I promised to post more and write more and stop writing apologies and just be better?


I could blame work, or the on-again, off-again, on-again relationship my white blood cells have been having with a particularly persistent cold virus, but really, it’s neither. I’ve just been busy doing things. So I guess this isn’t so much an “I’m sorry” post as it is a “good things are coming!” post. What’s that? You’d like a bulleted list? Absolutely.

  • The newly established North American Pseudohistorical Society’s webpage. NAPS now exists beyond my brain and to-do lists. Huzzah!
  • Speaking of pseudohistory, my study of Mary Todd Lincoln’s life is finally. Almost. Done. To those thinking about starting large scale watercolor drawings dedicated to their favorite historical figures, I offer the following advice: Once you let a drawing sit for weeks, it gets way too easy to let it sit for months.
  • Applied for and got in the City Art Center’s ReStore Art Challenge. My lovely friend and coworker, Allison also got in- She and I went this saturday to scrounge for supplies. If you haven’t been to the Deleware ReStore, I highly recommend it. Not only is the store itself neat, but the surrounding area is awesome. Giant old warehouse, graveyard- sigh. I’ll be sure to bring a camera on the next trip
  • Started this year’s baby plants- currently have baby tomatillos, cherokee purples and bi-color cherry tomatoes. Along with several cups of dirt and seeds and crossed fingers.

*yes! It will happen. pinkie promise.

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