beautiful tiny detailed eye candy- a love letter to 1960’s Japanese design.

This Friday, Boyfriend and I went to see Norwegian Wood, based on the Murakami book by the same name. There is so much to love about the book and the movie did not disappoint. Not only was it just as wonderful and sad and sexy and funny and weird-
it was just. so. pretty.
The colors, the shots, the wonderful patterns, the diffused light, the potted plants, did I mention the colors? the giant, plastic, corded phones.* 

And the clothes. I’m pretty sure, given the chance, I’d steal every article of clothing worn by nearly every female (and more than a few male) characters in every scene. Since I’m unlikely to have that chance anytime soon, I thought I’d snag a few (dozen) images to share with all of you from the film, as well as a few related images I saved after we watched Tokyo Drifter a few weeks ago (during which I had a similar eye-gasm experience).
Click here, for an actual, thought-out review of the film (instead of a hodge-podge of images)

from the series 'Everything is Beautiful' by Hayley Warnham

this top shall be mine.

unknown japanese book cover

this one too.

from the series 'Paper Gangst' by Sazeli Jalal

new favorite illustrator - Dadu Shin

that pattern! swoon!

great poster for a jean-luc godard film

not sure what this is from, but the colors and pattern around the edge are great.

*Am I the only one who misses that satisfying sound made placing a phone into a receiver?

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