Monday Mania – Art VS Art!

"I say, Picasso, your ass is grass." "Unlikely, Braques, my good fellow."

I’ve mentioned my awesome job several times here before (and more than several times if you’ve spent more than five minutes with me outside of the internet). One of the best parts about working where I do is a daily activity, we’ve all come to know as AwesomeTime. The official purpose of AwesomeTime is;

  • To provide a background of art history, formal critique techniques and vocabulary not normally gained outside of an Art Institution.
  • To expose the artists to new and unusual methods of artmaking present in contemporary art.
  • To promote a sense of community between the studio artists at ODAS
  • To encourage conversations between our artists about their own work and how it relates to the broader art world

In practice, AwesomeTime looks like anything from interactive games and stories to formal art analysis to scavenger hunts and BEYOND! (I believe in AwesomeTime.*)

The other major perk to working where I do is that I get to work with so many Amazing and Creative People. One such person is Allison (who’s new blog, Creative Cleanse, you should totally check out if you, like me, enjoy making things for cheaps). Allison is the creator of a popular AwesomeTime segment known as ‘Left or Right’- Where two pieces of art that are somehow related but different are shown, discussed and eventually voted on. The only catch is that whichever way you vote, you must defend your choice.

The game has been super successful, and has fostered some great discussions. So much so that I started thinking “hmm, how could I steal this for my own devices?”
Because espionage and stealth are not first nature to me, I decided to just ask Al if I could borrow the format (but do my own legwork/image gathering, of course), and she graciously agreed.

So, without further ado (three hundred words worth of ado seems like enough), it’s time for-
Art VS Art(get ca-razy!)!

The Rules: each Monday evening, as you’re just winding down from your first day back at the grind, I’ll present to you, two pieces of art. Look at both, but vote for only one by leaving a comment stating which one you choose and why.

This first Monday, it’s a look back on two controversial works of art from the past:


'After Walker Evans' by Sherrie Levine. 1980


 “Erased De Kooning” Robert Rauschenberg, 1953

Which gets your vote and why?

*I probably could (and probably will) write an entire post about AwesomeTime.

One thought on “Monday Mania – Art VS Art!

  1. My vote is for the Rauschenberg piece. Both are thought-provoking and make you wonder “What is art?”, but I like the story that goes along with “Erased De Kooning.” How De Kooning was so famous and how someone from the next “art generation” came along and had that gall to erase his work, making his own name for himself while still paying homage to him in a weird way.

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