Monday Mania – Nils Udo VS Richard Barnes

It’s Monday- and even if you had arockin weekend, it’s Monday. You probably had to work, it may or may not have been boring, and you probably have another four days of it until your next rocking weekend. You’re sitting down to your computer thinking ‘Oh, if only- If only I had some bright, shining light to see me through, at LEAST until Wednesday-

Good news! In case you forgot, it’s time for Monday Mania! Two artists enter the blog post, only one leaves- VICTORIOUS.

The Rules: each Monday evening, as you’re just winding down from your first day back at the grind, I’ll present to you, two pieces of art. Look at both, but vote for only one by leaving a comment stating which one you choose and why.

This week’s battle is for the birds (HAR.)

The Clemson Clay Nest, by Nils Udo


from the series Murmur, by photographer Richard Barnes.




4 thoughts on “Monday Mania – Nils Udo VS Richard Barnes

  1. I think I choose the photograph. I’m totally scared/amazed by swarms of things. We have crows that swarm over our house/cars, and it’s a fine sight to see! The aftermath is not so fine.

  2. I liked both pieces because while they were about birds (one of my favorite subjects), they’re not your normal ‘pretty little bird!’ art. Nils-Udo’s nest is beautiful, but even just looking at pictures makes me feel uneasy about how big and heavy and precarious all of it is (i have an unhealthy fear of getting my fingers suddenly pinched). Likewise, before I realized Richard Barnes’s murmur photo is, frankly terrifying.

    Forced to choose, I think I prefer Barnes. That nest is amazing, but even after I realize the swarm in the photo is made by tiny, hollow-boned creatures it’s still unsettling. I’m not sure why though, which makes me want to keep looking at it (which is why it wins. but just barely. that nest is amazing.)

  3. I vote for Nils Udo, because I LOVE ART OUTDOORS, and I love wood, and you can go see it: it’s REAL. I love someone building a nest with giant logs: it just fills me with joy. Not to say the other isn’t interesting in a menacing swarm kinda way….. but my heart’s with Nils.

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