ReStore Opening!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the City Art Center this Friday, whether in body or in mind, your support is always appreciated! The opening itself was great- I kind of like theme/challenge shows, seeing how everyone addresses the same challenge in a different way is almost like an experiment. On BRAINS!

Also, there was a delightful man roaming down down with a guitar and leather vest looking like Kenny Rodgers a lá the Ren. Fair. And about thirty people dressed in furry suits? Including one of the Pope? We tried to get pictures of all of them but couldn’t move fast enough.

Sharon getting up close and personal with the Best in Show. I mean Allison's piece. I mean they're the SAME thing! Go friends!

What? Silly artists.

(and in case you want to see the work itself)

'Self Portrait as Shelter' Cat Lynch. house paint on door. 2012

'Refuge for Spontaneous Urban Growth (a how-to)' Cat Lynch. house paint and ink on door. 2012

'Haven' (exterior view), Cat Lynch, mixed media, 2012

'Haven' (interior view), Cat Lynch, mixed media, 2012

The show will be up at the City Art Center through April- Don’t forget to stop by and vote for ‘People’s Choice’! (ahem.)


One thought on “ReStore Opening!

  1. Uhhhhh…this shit is AMAZING. This is some of my favorite work of yours…I’m gonna need schooled with some insight into some of the pieces after I go see them in person.

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