Last night at weaving*, I was blithely tapping treadles and listening to all the lovely weaving ladies chatter** when suddenly I realized:

if I’m weaving,
and weaving = Tuesday
and Tuesday = the one day I’ve obligated myself to regular blog posts…

Since weaving ended at 10 and my poor addled brain punches the clock at 9:30, I decided to just wait and do Tuesday’s Top or Bottom today, as the decidedly lamer Which One Wednesday (loyal readers, rest assured. Top or Bottom Tuesday will return in all it’s glory next week)

This week’s battle is dedicated to an awesome friend, coworker, soon to be world-famous artist, and inventor of ‘Laserism’, Cody Heichel.

Old Laser Beam Eyes, mixed media, by krunce


Click here to see (and buy!) Cody’s fantastic watercolors. No lasers, but still worth a look. Seriously, this guys is awesome. We call him ‘the watercolor master’ at work.  And if you’re lucky enough to live near Columbus, OH- First, get yourself some g.d. Jeni’s. Then walk down the road a bit to check out his SOLO SHOW! at 83 Gallery. Warning, though; these paintings are hardcore enough to make you want to break your fingers.

*You know it’s going to be an action packed epic when it starts with ‘last night at weaving’
**which incidentally, makes me contemplate hosting a pinhole photography pquilting bee. F’real.***
***really Cat? Two footnotes in one sentence? Yeah, really.

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