‘It Chooses You’; an unapologeticly gushy book review of Miranda July’s new book.

If we’ve ever met, in real life, or just through this blog, you probably already know my feelings about Miranda July-

That she’s the standard I’ve tried to acheive, both in personal weirdness and in artistic endeavors.
That I often invoke the name of MJ to get myself out of internet-browsing ruts (‘WouldMiranda July have just spent an hour googling herself and bookmarking recipes she never intends to cook instead of making art?)

I’ve just finished her newest book, It Chooses You, and come to find out, she totally does.

Unlike her last book, It Chooses You is a work of non-fiction and follows July when, in an attempt to avoid working on the script of her newest movie (the Future), she began to interview people who took out ads in the Pennysaver. She begins the project, much like the character Jason in The Future, with no plan other than to hopefully find some sort of answers. The book is filled with interviews, photos and July’s own anxiety-ridden inner monologue.

There are a few moments of the kind found in July’s movies/work of fiction- where ordinary things or words become weird and beautiful and almost transcendent, but what I truly truly loved about this book was getting to see her as a person- a person with with insecurities, self-doubts, a person who procrastinates, a person who googles themselves, a person who worries if they’re ‘doing enough’ with the time they have-

Iwish I could write better or end this more eloquently other than just saying ‘Go read it.’ But my head’s full from reading too much too fast. So, uh, Go read it.

2 thoughts on “‘It Chooses You’; an unapologeticly gushy book review of Miranda July’s new book.

  1. I saw it at the record store in Cinci when I was there with Charity and TOTALLY thought of you. It was awesome. The man with the manilla envelopes of pictures?!?! That is all I have to say.

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