Upcoming show: Deconstructing ‘F’

If you happen to be in Cincinnati next Thursday, May 17, be sure to stop by Deconstructing ‘F’ brought to you by PoMoCo, a ‘Feminist Art Imaginary’ (which may be the most delightful name for ‘group’ ever. Imaginary!)

The show poses the questions What does it currently mean to be female? feminist? feminine? woman?

The Perfect Gentleman (Ian Flemming), Cat Lynch, 35mm print, 2010

The piece I have in the show was originally part of a series done for a photo class a few years back, but is still pretty relevant to my (sometimes confused) feelings about ‘f’. With each piece* I created two photos, based on the front and back covers of pulp novels**. Rather than show the woman as either a perfect, frail victim, or a dangerous seductress, here the model is dressed in plain black, with a direct, blank stare (thinking of Manet’s “Olympia”).

For the left, or back cover, I used my own image, dressing up to portray six real pulp authors. The biographies of these authors were simplified, twisted, added to/subtracted from to create common male stereotypical roles. While the front replaces a stereotype with a real person, the back replaces a real person with a stereotype.


If that’s not enough to entice you, maybe it’ll help to know that the fabulous Allison Beunger will also be showing some new work?
Yeah, I thought so.

Oh, and if you still think this might not be an event for you, check out this Duke University campaign on why feminism is relevent (to ladies AND dudes) The responses are varied and thoughtful and just wonderful. You go Duke.

lovelovelove. click for more


So readers, what does it currently mean to you be female? feminist? feminine? woman?***

*there were six total, the rest of which can be seen here
***cause I could use some help figuring it out



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