Sorry I was a dick (an open letter)

Dear Universe,

I’ve been trying. I’ve been trying to grow things without shoving poisons in the dirt, not eat too many fellow animals, take care of the body I’m in, help my fellow humans, etc. Most of the time, I feel like I’m a pretty happy person, doing her small part to make you not suck (since, y’know, you’re pretty awesome and all)-

But sometimes I’m not.

Sometimes, for no good reason I turn into a dick. I stop making eye contact with salespeople, I stop practicing small talk, and even worse, I start tossing out all kinds of metaphysical litter out of my figurative car.

he would be ashamed.

Instead of noticing all the small beautiful things that make you great, I start thinking about all the things that are ‘lacking’ in my life-

Right now my ear is converting sound energy into physical/electrical energy allowing me to hear! Well fuck that, I’m still not famous and there’s no new Grey’s Anatomy? I should probably just start hating on everything in my mind.

I have a job that I love with people I love, that’s fulfilling and pays the rent and where I get to wear nerdy t-shirts and there’s a daily meeting known as AwesomeTime, not to mention all the people who I love/who love me. And bacon! Bacon exists! There’s no good reason for my petty jealousies and negative energy. So I’m cutting that out.

there is nothing about this I don’t like.

Hey Universe, I’m not saying that I plan on being all sunshine and rainbows, or that I’ll never get aggravated, I’m just saying I’m going to try harder to put sincerely good things in you. Metaphorical Thin Mints.

Sorry and Love,


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